Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Person Signs up for Bonnell Park

Back in December 2010 which the Grand Rapids Township Board was considering turning over Bonnell Park to the Woodcliff Property Association, I predicted that hardly anyone would be willing to pay the exorbitant annual fee that the Board authorized the WPA to charge.

Not much of a surprise, but I was correct.  It turns out that a single person was willing to pay the fee — and I think that was because he wanted to be able to keep his boat there (which requires yet another fee).

The Township Board maintained at the time that they were providing public access in a way that would not overwhelm the relatively small area. Now, that is not in itself an unreasonable concern.  However, in practice it turns out that the excessive fees for all practical purposes rule out any public access.

This is an issue I expect to continue to follow.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grand Rapids Township

As a resident of Grand Rapids Township I have been following the activities of the Township Board, a generally capable group, although I think they made a dubious decision that essentially turned over control of Bonnell Park on Reeds Lake, which is public property, to a private residential association.

I intend to follow this issue, and perhaps comment occasionally on other Township matters.